Saturday, November 29, 2008

Raw Cheesecake and an Easy Meal

Raw Black Forrest Dulce de leche Cheesecake

This came together so well and easily... a date/walnut crust, cherry cashew filling, caramel layer and topped with cacao sauce... So good!

This was a super simple collard/rice noodle bowl. I used brown rice noodles.

As my regular readers know, I don't use recipes... so here is a fast guess:

1 t toasted sesame oil
1 onion
2 T minced ginger
3 cloves garlic, pressed
a huge bunch collards washed and chopped
2 oz rice noodles
water to cover
1 chipotle pepper in adobo (canned) chopped
2 T Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing
Toasted Sesame Seeds
4 oz baked light tofu (this came out of my freezer)
lime juice

Comes in around 400 calories for a huge bowl and is VERY satisfying.

I have been such a slacker when it comes to weight loss. I'm not sure why I can't seem to find it in me to just DO IT! ???

Must Swim. I think it's just a matter of getting into the right exercise habits... AND... laying off the huge sandwiches at my job! Yeah.. that's the ticket.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...


  1. FOOD PORN!!! :-D

    Hang in there, Mel!! You've done fabulously so far with your health goals, and I KNOW you'll keep it at without fail!! I'm rooting for you!!

  2. Wow, both of those look amazing! It's so hard to diet during the holidays. You'll do it when you're ready.

  3. Wow, that looks like the perfect cheesecake. And I think you can do it. Maybe ju just need a little pause.

  4. That cheesecake looks phenomenal! Raw caramel?! Oh, my goodness!

    I can definitely relate re: stalling on weight loss. This time of year is so hard! But it will happen eventually. . . every day is a new start and just keep at it!

  5. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I have seen your picture and you are beautiful just the way you are. I commend your health goals and they will happen when it is time for them to happen. The most important thing is you are trying. As usual your food looks great.

  6. Wow! That cheesecake, you amazing me! :)

  7. Oh, that raw dessert looks heavenly!!! Great work. :)

  8. Melody, you little temptress you! I will not get that cheesecake image out of my mind...

  9. Your sweet creations are so incredible. That cheesecake looks very temtping. I'd definitely have a slice if I popped into your cafe!

  10. That cheesecake looks fabulous!

    Losing weight sucks. Actually weighing less is awesome. Using my imagination, I think that getting to your goal weight would be a day worthy of a parade. But putting in the day to day effort sucks. But, just keep your eye on the prize. You can do it!!!

  11. ginger + garlic + chipotle = incredible. Yum!

  12. I know you said you don't use recipes... does that mean you don't have one for the cheezecake? It looks amazing!

    And don't worry about the weight-loss (unless you need to do so for health reasons). People can be happy at all different sizes :o). My paternal grandma is probably the happiest (and one of the biggest) person I know! She doesn't stress about a thing, and she's so healthy at 85.

  13. I think... sadly, when it comes to weightloss, bread is a bit of a saboteur...

  14. Wow, that cheesecake! Gorgeous!!

  15. that cake completely qualifies you as food artist!! wish I could try that caramel.

  16. Wow, fantastic looking cheesecake. I have started playing with raw food a bit more, but not ventured into desserts yet. I feel so inspired now.