Saturday, November 15, 2008

Raw Chili Goodness...

This is a Raw Chili I made for work... I am excited about it because it's a raw soup that I actually like! I was not a big fan of most raw foods I made, but this is very satisfying. It is topped with a cashew/lime sour cream. If I was making this at home, I would have added so many more hot peppers! I am still very addicted to hot foods. Sometimes it's hard to tame my palate and cook for the masses. Maybe I just like the high that spicy food produces?
Speaking of spicy foods... WOWZA!! This dish was wicked hot and good. My son and I ate it with kleenex in hand. Eggplant and lite tofu was cooked in my cast iron (with cooking spray) along with onions, garlic and chilies and veggie stock... hoisin sauce rounded out the meal along with a tiny bit of toasted sesame oil, siracha and toasted sesame seeds. I chopped a head of cilatnro and tossed it all with brown rice fettuccini. Delicious!

I have made versions of this dish in the past for cooking classes. I usually roast the eggplant (which is VERY GOOD)...

Several weeks ago, I was in MA for my sons NESBA competition...(his FINAL competetion as he is a SENIOR .. oh my god how time flies.. ) and we went out for dinner during a down time. Chinese. I had the Spicy Eggplant.. and the flavor was really good, but it was just swimming in an ocean of oil. No need for that! I was re-inspired to created a quick version on the stovetop and it came together beautifully.

Both A and I enjoyed it and I think it cleared my sinuses so well that the cold I've been fighting decided to leave!

I love to use food as medicine.

Cilantro is one of my favorite things and I will often put an entire head into a dish... the funny thing about cilantro is that I DESPISED it my entire life... if I even smelled it, I freaked out because it was so offensive.. but when I was pregnant with my first son, I began to crave it and have loved it ever since. For the record, he loves it too... (as does my younger son)...


  1. I LOOOOOVE spicy foods, so that dish is screaming my name!! :-D

  2. I share your cilantro love.

  3. Now you've got me very curious about that raw chili. . .what do you use instead of beans? Or are they just soaked? Looks fabulous.

    I agree about the spicy foods--I think once you get used to them that way, it's hard to eat non-spicy! And I'm another hated it-now-love-it cilantro fan! :)

  4. Raw chili? Really? I'm game.

  5. Cashew cream is my new fav thing ever. I can't believe there was life before it. haha

  6. I adore cilantro! I'm totally intrigued by that raw chili too!

  7. Raw chili? Yum. I am also a spice fanatic. They say that, when a woman passes age 40, her sensitivity to hot foods decreases, so this may explain some of my enthusiasm about hot stuff.

  8. Mmmm more details on the cilantro/cashew sour cream?

  9. Maybe you could use some chilly or ground meat and vegetables and and, Full seasoning haha

    Thanks for sharing

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