Saturday, December 27, 2008

A bit of this and that..

My body craves raw food since my raw challenge this summer. I make a point of having a large green smoothie daily and huge salad daily. My smoothies are really simple and not thick at all. My favorite blend is 2 cups baby spinach, 2 T flax meal, 1 frozen banana and some frozen pineapple in a quart of water. I have been away from my house since yesterday, so I packed a huge salad for myself (and to share with others).. I made a raw ranch dressing based on cashews and mixed it with my raw 'parmesan'. Everyone loved it.
Raw Pineapple Chia Pudding
I must really need the nutrients that chia seeds provide because I crave them. You can make a simple 'pudding' with fresh fruit and chia that is very satisfying.. at least to me it is. This one had pineapple, lime juice, chia and a tiny bit of stevia.
I adore my pressure cooker. This lentil soup was ready in 15 minutes. I literally only cooked the lentils for 2 minutes (after bringing to high pressure). I turned the heat off and let the pressure come down naturally and the soups was done. What an energy efficient way to cook! I actually could have just brought it to pressure and turned the heat off because the lentils were VERY well done. I took this soup to my brother's house for Christmas dinner. My SIL actually made the main course, which was great. I rarely have anyone cook for me! She made a delicious lasagna.
This was a simple barley edamame salad with asian flavors. I used tempeh as well... and took this to holiday dinner.

My famous salsa! My brother and sil love this so much, so I made them each a half gallon. I have to give it to them in separate containers or they fight bitterly over it! This time, I added some chipolte. I like my traditional version better, but this was still good. I have some for myself as well.
I made a delicious coconut cake topped with a nutmeg/orange infused cranberry apple topping and oatmeal streusel. No pic of that though.. I was too busy taking pics of my beautiful nieces!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying Hannukah.


  1. "Raw"some eats!! Sorry, I couldn't resist ;-)

    Happy Holidays, Mel!!

  2. You are always an inspiration.

    Thanks for the great photos and the salsa, looks great. I miss salsa and chips.

  3. Wow! What a great post! I would love to eat everything that was mentioned here. Haha! I just love lentils..mmm..

  4. Just gorgeous. I do a similar chia pudding (though no pineapple) and just love it. It really is so healthy, too. And you must feel so good eating raw every day!

  5. I'm so curious about chia seeds. I've never even seen them, but everyone who I know that's tried them raves about them.

    And I love the salsa story. I'll take a half-gallon too, please. :-)

  6. Beautiful food, as always Mel. And funny, but I feel myself craving salsa all of a sudden ; )

    Happy New Year!


  7. Happy Christmas! I'm sure all your food was as delicious as it looks!

  8. Your vibrant photos just totally cheered me up on a dreary grey day... oops, actually I guess it's sunny out, but I've been in my dreary grey cubicle and now it's getting dark, so... Anyway, the food looks amazing! I'm totally craving more raw again after all the holiday "treats."

  9. Your cooking is so admirably healthy -- and delicious-looking. I should take this as a cue to try to eat healthier in 09. Everyone assumes all vegans eat healthy--but I've been eating way too many sweets lately. *sigh*

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  11. Wow, these all sound so great. Very inspiring!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xx
    Delightful Bitefuls