Saturday, February 07, 2009

$3.33 a day: Baking from whole grains

Chipotle White Bean and Avocado Dip

This was my late breakfast today and it is so good I am going to post the recipe for the dip. I was on a weight loss forum and someone mentioned they cut their guacamole with white beans. I was intrigued and filed the information in my brain. This turned out so good that I can see so many possibilities. In fact, I took half of the leftovers and turned them into a salad dressing by adding golden flax meal, water , more spices and chili powder.

OK, here's the recipe:

3 cloves garlic
1 tsp sea salt
1 cup cooked white beans (I used navy)
1/2 an avocado
1/2 tsp chipotle powder or smoked paprika if you don't like heat
1 tsp toasted cumin seed
1 c cilantro
1 T nutritional yeast
juice and zest of 1 lime

Method: Process the garlic and salt in a food processor, then add the rest of the ingredients and process until very smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings.

Back to my breakfast. See my adorable lentil sprouts? Baby spinach and brussels sprouts were delicious on top of a homemade roti/chappati/tortilla made from freshly milled whole wheat and millet flours. (more on that later). I topped it all with the yummy white bean dip.

Air popped corn is a great nutritional bang for the buck too. Forget that nasty microwave stuff!

*remember THIS post where I realized that the microwave popcorn had FISH and EGGS in it?*

I like to season my corn with a tiny bit of olive oil spray, nutritional yeast and chili powder. I think I'll start packing air popped corn in my kids lunches. I have been buying single sized chips for so long at .30 a package. Popcorn is much cheaper and better for them. 3 cups of air popped corn has 90 calories, 3 grams protein and 3.5 grams fiber, plus you can buy it in bulk and it's so much cheaper than chips!

Whole organic wheatberries, millet and dough

Two years ago, I bought a bunch of organic wheatberries direct from a farm (I will post the farm info later.. it is at my old house).. I have stored them in a freezer and pretty much forgotten about them since I moved out of the house. Those of you who have been reading me for a while might remember when I used to grind my own wheat and make tortillas and baked goods? Well, am back at it! Since I am really trying to reduce my wheat intake I decided to mill some millet and experiment . I am super pleased! In the past, my Vita-Mix didn't seem to grind the flours well enough to get a light and airy whole wheat bread, so this time I milled the wheat made a sponge out of warm water and yeast. I let this develop for 3 hours, then added the freshly milled millet flour and kneaded it for several minutes. I left the dough quite wet and parked it in the fridge overnight.
This is the whole wheat sponge with most of the millet flour kneaded in... and after the rest in the fridge I made the roti/tortilla for my breakfast.
Wheat and Millet English Muffins

I decided I wanted to english muffins with some of the dough. The benefit of english muffins and tortillas is that I don't have to turn my oven on and that saves energy! I used a wide mouthed mason jar to cut these out and cooked them over med-lo heat in my cast iron for around 7 minutes a side. They are amazing! The dough was just the flours, yeast, water and salt. (don't mind the burned top on one of them.. my cast iron has a wicked hot spot!)...

I had the peanut butter and jelly english muffin and a big green smoothie for lunch. The smoothie had spinach, frozen banana, golden flax meal and pineapple.

White Bean, Sweet Potato and Corn Chowdah

This was dinner.. I didn't write down the recipe, but it was very simple.. I used 2 T EVOO, rosemary, red pepper flakes, thyme, basil and poultry seasoning and sauteed garlic and onion, salt and pepper for several minutes. Then I added the sweet potatoes, water, bouillon, cooked white beans and brought it to a boil for several minutes. I took some cooked brown rice and pureed with half the soup and added it to the pot along with some frozen corn, then finished it off with white balsamic, freshly grated nutmeg and thyme. I threw in a big handful of baby arugula on top of my soup and let the heat wilt it. I have a huge pot and I will freeze half of it in 2 cup portions for a quick meal.


  1. I'm all over that dip, especially!!

  2. The food looks good, as always, and I agree with you about air-popped corn - so much cheaper, healthier and tastier than its microwave counterpart. Btw - that's an adorable cup and saucer in the last pic!

  3. Those muffins look so chewy and delicious. I can just imagine how satisfying they must be. One more reason to wish I had a Vitamix!

    And I love the idea of adding beans to avocado—must try that. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. What a fabulous idea for guacamole! And I love the look of those muffins--that is quite the accomplishment to make them from scratch like that!

  5. I love guacamole! And that chowdah sounds wonderful! I will have to make beans!!!

  6. That dip is beautiful! Thanks so much for the recipe.

  7. Thanks for the dip recipe--it looks so good!

    Your English Muffins look perfect, and I love that you didn't even have to use the oven for them :o)


  8. How have I not seen YOUR blog before? You take such gorgeous food pictures, the one with the English muffins is torturing me! I am obsessed with English muffins!

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! :)

  9. That guacamole recipe sounds to die for. I'm glad I bought some avocados a couple of days ago.

    I don't have a vitamix, but I invested in a good grain mill and am so happy with it. It also gives me the possibility to mix many different grains into my baked goods.I also had the idea to make English muffins and I made them with six different grains. Yours look amazing, by the way.

  10. Dumb question maybe but since last week I had trouble finding garbanzo beans in 3 stores and finally found them cohabitating in a can of chick peas... Is chipotle powder the same as chili powder?

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  24. Those muffins look so chewy and delicious. I can just imagine how satisfying they must be. One more reason to wish I had a Vitamix!

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