Sunday, February 15, 2009

$3.33 a day: Pantry Inventory and Raw Pie!

The Good Stir Fry

The picture is a repost and I didn't use red pepper or scallions to top my dish. (My camera battery was dying and the lighting was horrible.. I was at my old house)..

I have blogged many times about this dish. It is my kids favorite food. Many years when we lived in Fairfield, Iowa we used to eat at the Thai Deli. My oldest son was 5 when we left, but he still remembers the food! They had a potato/green bean coconut curry that was so delicious along with their spicy noodles (and everything on the menu). I just looked up the restaurant and it's still in business! If you're ever near Fairfield, Iowa give them a try!

Anyway... I digress! My inspiration for this dish was based on that potato/green bean curry and I managed to re-create (and maybe ever better it!) years ago. I serve this over rice and my kids being 6 and 7 just called it a stir fry. The first time I made it they went on and on about "what a good stir fry it is" and asked me to make "the GOOD STIR FRY" over and over, hence the name.

Valentines Day, it seemed fitting to make their favorite dish (and I had the ingredients on hand). I made a big batch of it and left them the leftovers. I will dig up the recipe and post it later this week.

Since it was V-Day, I thought I should make a special treat for the kids. I looked around my kitchen and decided to make chocolate cake with a coconut strawberry filling a raw chocolate
ganache" type topping. I thawed a package of frozen strawberries and mixed it with stevia, chia seeds, balsamic vinegar and a touch of sea salt. I removed some of it and mixed it with dried unsweetened coconut, hot water and just a touch of psyillium husk. I went out for a bit and while I was out decided that I would make a coconut cake instead of chocolate cake... but I didn't really feel like turning the oven on.. (I try to only use the oven when I bake a lot of things to save electricity).. so an idea came to me to make a raw pie! I used the coconut/strawberry mixture as the crust, made a filling out of coconut, coconut oil, cashews, stevia and a tiny bit of honey (I use honey, I know many vegans don't and that's fine for you. I personally and OK with it. I put this in my ice cream maker and added the strawberries. The chocolate sauce was made from water, cashews, cocoa powder, stevia and coconut oil. I froze the mixture for around 4 hours before serving..

Raw Chocolate Strawberry Coconut Pie
I personally had a teeny tiny piece and left the rest at the house for the boys to enjoy. (this was not my piece)

More sprout goodness. I had a teeny bit of arugula left, so I topped this roti with last of the tofu chese, sprouts and 1/8 an avocado. The dressing is the 1000 island I made.

Speaking of sprouts, I sprout on an ongoing basis. I have at least 4 2 QT jars going at all times now. That way, I always have a fresh supply on hand.

I am doing a complete pantry/fridge and freezer inventory today so I can get an idea of exactly what is on hand. I know I have a lot! I'll post it tomorrow.

As of today, Feb. 15th, I have only spent $10.00 on groceries!

I am banking the $10.00 from last week into my bulk buying fund. I plan on spending as little as possible this week too so I can add to my bulk fund. I will be running out of sprouting seeds in two weeks.

If anyone local is reading me, I would love to go in on a $50.00 order of sprouting seeds. $50 dollar orders qualify for free shipping. I'd definitely spend at least $25.00.. so if you're near Portsmouth, NH and want to share an order with me, email me! (you can find a link to my email on my profile page)


  1. THAT PIE!!!!! Heavenly.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous pie! And the ingredients sounds so delectable--perfect for V-Day. Any chance you can remember the quantities and are willing to share--? :)

  3. WOW! Your pie is gorgeous!!! You need to enter it into a contest-- I'm serious!

  4. Ooh, that pie looks amazing! You always whip up the most amazing creations!

  5. wow, that pie looks fantastic!

  6. Great Goddess, that pie is gorgeous! (oh, did a b'zillion people already tell you that?)

    You are using this time of being among the gainfully unemployed to put that cookbook of yours together, right???

    The story of the boys and their "stir fry" made me laugh. My Dad used to call anything served over rice a stir fry too!

  7. What an amazing pie! I'd love to try a slice :D

  8. I am drooling over that pie!! How beautiful!!! I love it! And those sprouts on that flat bread...OH MY! :)

  9. The pie looks great, and your pictures of cooked and raw food are always so colorful!!! You're really inspiring. :)

  10. That pie is soooo beautiful! You are a raw master, seriously. There's no way I could have come up with that on the fly!

  11. WOW!! The picture of that pie has taken over my brain and all other relevant information has been replaced by the pie. It's gorgeous and it looks SO creamy and delicious! Wow, that's good pie. It combines my three favorite ingredients, chocolate, coconut and strawberries!

  12. You are pure genius girl! :D

  13. That pie is so sweet! and I love the sound of the Good Stir-Fry!!

  14. Hey, I was wondering where you get your sprouting seeds from?

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