Thursday, April 02, 2009

$3.33 a day: March Stats and lots of Raw Food!

Raw Tacos

I have been eating a lot of raw foods the last three days. I unfortunately threw my back out on Monday doing yoga and am just now starting to feel better! I pulled out some of my raw flatbreads from the freezer and they came to life beautifully.

The taco shell spiced with onion and herbs and filled with walnut meat, veggies and doctored up Zukay salsa.
As my regular readers know, I love making various raw breakfast cookies/bars for my kids to grab in the morning.
I've named this my RAW Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookie with Chai Coconut Icing..
I have some of the base and icing that I'm playing around with for different recipes as well.

Too Green Smoothie

Way too green. I was inspired to start drinking an ENTIRE HEAD of collard or kale in my morning smoothies. My head consists of around 20 CUPS of bitter greens and it was too much for me. I wanted to throw up as I was chocking this down the last two days.

I am going to scale back to around 4 cups per smoothie.

Raw Cracker and 'Cheese'

I've been playing around with fermented cheese and just love it!

The perfect grapefruit! I spent $2.50 on six amazing grapefruits. They were so juicy and delicious! I had been craving fresh grapefruit for the last month or so.

RAW Flatbread

I've been tweaking my raw flatbread recipes.. I am not a fan of the flax based breads and I know many others have issues with them as well... so I've been creating new recipes. In the above pic you can see my first attempt at a crispy flax free flatbread... I think I will have this perfected very soon.

Raw Crispy Flatbread (2nd attempt)

Oh yeah! The texture is amazing!

See how thin and crispy it is?

Now onto the end of March stats..

I spent a total of $3.21 a day for a total of $99.39.

I added $3.64 to my bulk food fund for a total of: $28.47

Some of the foods I bought since I last posted were:

Granny smith apples
baby spinach

Finally, my weigh in was horrible. I gained 2 lbs last month... hence all of the raw foods.


It's the wheat. I need to stop eating my homemade bread.

And exercise.

I'm a broken record when it comes to this shit.



    We need to do a bake swap, please :-D

  2. I am so sorry to hear your hurt your back, but glad it is starting to feel a bit better. Everything looks *amazing*, as usual! You are teasing us with all of your delicious cookbook recipes :o)

    Try not to be too hard on yourself about the weight. Weight fluctuates from one day to the next...even by as much as a few pounds! You could have been holding on to water weight etc. Hang in there--you are doing great!


  3. That flat bread looks amazing- I can't believe it's raw, too!

  4. I second VeggieGirl. Will the recipes for some of these breakfast bars be in an upcoming ebook?

    20 cups of greens? Are you crazy? Holy stomachache.

  5. i NEED your raw breakfast recipes! =P

  6. I hope your back feels better soon!

    Your flat breads look amazing (and your carrot cake cookies)! I just got a dehydrator, so I can't wait to try your flatbreads when your ebook is finished.

  7. You did great this month! Congrats!

    And don't let the 2lbs get you down. It happens to the best of us, so don't be hard on yourself!

  8. Seriously, you are amazing. I would love for you to come to my home and Melomeal-ize it!

  9. Knitty11:08 PM

    It's possible that your body just wants to weigh a little more than the human "average." That's not such a bad thing, is it? So long as you're healthy and taking good care of yourself, which you clearly are. I wish my meals were half as wholesome as yours (and hopefully they will be once I'm done moving and have time to spend in the kitchen armed with your Ebook!)

  10. chai coconut icing...drool.

    wow, cheap grapefruits. i now shop at the korean market for most of my produce and save like $50 each time i go. it's awesome!

    urg, join the broken record club.

  11. when do I move in?
    the cookies stole the show for me. can't help the sweet toof feeling.

  12. ps: I hope your back feels better soon!

  13. Oh Knitty, how I wish that was the case! I am OBESE! My body would feel so much happier if it released this weight!

  14. Mmmm raw carrot cake cookies.

    And I love your raw flat breads! YUM!

    And don't worry too much about beating yourself up about the 2lbs. I have that conversation with myself so very often. It will come off again.

  15. Err that came out totally wrong. What I was trying to say was try not to beat yourself up too much! You look like you're eating very healthily and that's important!

  16. I'm LOVIN' all the raw goodness!!

    I will give you my right lung (or, first born) for that fermented cheese recipe. :D

    Yowza! A head of collards is even more than I can handle. I use roughly two to three handfuls of collard ribbons in a smoothie. Maybe a cup of sweet fruit, like pineapple, peach, or mango. Two very ripe bananas for the creamy factor. And, about 2 cups of filtered water. No throwing up involved.

  17. Your posts make me upset at the fact that I don't own a dehydrator.
    Wanna come live with me for a while? xD
    The carrot cake cookies look great, and the "cheese" just made me want to lick the screen. I think raw cheeses are the best. Spill the recipes!

  18. Your raw cheese looks amazing! How did you do that?
    Don't be so hard on yourself. You are eating amazingly healthy food and two pounds isn't that much. I know you can do it.

  19. I hope that those carrot cake cookie recipe will be shared soon!

  20. Wow. Can i just say again how much I am looking forward to your e-book? Your raw breakfast bars are amazing! I hope your back feels better soon.

  21. that stinks that you threw your back out, but i'm glad you're starting to feel a-okay again! and hooray for all the raw awesomenesses! wowzers! they all look absolutely AMAZING! i can't wait for your cookbook! i keep telling dan about it - and i'm even asking for a food dehydrator for my birthday! wahoooooo! i'd also like to say that 2lbs could just be the day. i mean, hell - i gain 4lbs between the morning & evening - and if i have something like popcorn with sea salt - i'm like 5lbs up in the morning. so fret not! i think it's all good! :)

    hope you have a glorious weekend! oh, and i almost forgot - chai coconut icing = mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! i think i'm in loooooove! ahahaha! hooray!

  22. I hope your back is better soon :)

    I would LOVE your flax free bread recipe. I cannot stand flax, the taste or the way it sits in my stomach and have been trying for ages to find flax free recipes!


  23. Here's a link to what I based the raw cheese recipe on. I'm still in the tweaking stages for the flavors, but this is pretty much the method I used.

  24. can't wait for your ebook..

  25. Hey!

    I just discovered your AWESOME blog and looove that you're a healthy eater/baker/cook on a budget!! I'm always lookin' out for tasty new food ideas, which I'm definitely getting from your blog! Kudos to you!!

    P.s. If you're at all interested in granola for you or your little girl, I'm hosting a giveaway for Zoe's granola (2 boxes of your choice!!) so please come visit me!

  26. Fabulous eats!! Love the carrot cookie brekkie.

    Re: weight, I know how you feel. . .I've been losing and regaining the same ten pounds (already up about 30 from ideal weight) for the last year or so. Now that I'm on the ACD, I seem to be on a downswing. Bread can be a tough one to give up. . .but stick with the healthy eating, and it will come!

  27. I want that breakfast cookie!! Or at least the recipe.... Your photos are over the top pretty

  28. hi melody, I just made the lentil breakfast muffins. They are wonderful! Just what I've been looking for. Usually I have to cut the sugar in half on most recipes but this was perfect. The raisins and coconut add a nice natural sweetness. I can't wait for your e-book!!

  29. Anonymous6:54 PM

    what about eggplant?

  30. No beating yourself up over 2 lbs missy ((((Mel)))) I have to try the breakfast cookie thing, I bet Nick would love those!

  31. I love all the RAWsomeness! The Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookie looks so fancy and tasty!

    I hope your back feels 100% better soon!!

  32. Love, love, LOVE all the raw goodies you are creating! I made your tortillas for my son last week, too, and they're a hit! Much cheaper than buying good bread, and easier than making it. You are helping so many people!

  33. Melody
    I am making your Chipotle Split Pea Soup recipe this morning. It smells so good. It will be terrific for dinner tonite. Thank you for letting me test your recipes and for being such an awesome friend.

    Krys and the boys