Wednesday, May 06, 2009

$3.33 a day: April Stats, Job and Weight loss update.

Cajun Red Bean Stew

Can't have a post without a pic! This is an old pic and I have been doing a lot of freezer eating. Green smoothies for breakfast, salads/soups for lunch and simple dinners. I am making a point to clear my freezer before summer. It's amazing to me that I have quite a freezer stockpile again. Mostly soups/burger mixes/sauces in two cup portions.

This is going to be a long post.

The best news: I found a job!

I will be the chef at a wine bar opening up a few towns way. It will open in about a week an a half. I am very much looking forward to being in the kitchen again and creating food for people!

Weight loss: Lost 5 lbs last month. I was actually down 7 lbs, but gained two back.

End of month stats:

Total Spent: $95.97 or $3.20 a day
$4.03 banked for my bulk food fund
Total Bulk Food Fund: $32.49

April Shopping List:
  • 2 lbs Broccoli 2.00
  • Pineapple 1.99
  • 7 oz organic Spring Mix 2.99
  • Fresh Basil 1.99
  • Habaneros 1.40
  • Cilantro 1.29
  • 1.82 lbs Zucchini 1.80
  • 2 lbs Onions .99
  • 1 bunch beets 1.79
  • 6.74 lbs bananas 2.63
  • 1 huge bunch Collards 1.29
  • 1 huge bunch Kale 1.29
  • 3 quarts soymilk 2.97
  • Coffee 2.50
  • Whole Wheat Bread 1.50
  • Canned chipotle 2.59
  • 2 lbs lentils 2.38
  • 2 lbs yellow split peas 1.98
  • 4.62 lbs zucchini 4.07
  • 1.23 lbs yellow squash 1.08
  • Cooking spray 1.68
  • 2 lbs brown rice 1.58
  • Spices 3.00
  • 2 large heads cauliflower 4.00
  • Organic Arugula 2.99
  • 12 oz mushrooms 2.29
  • Snow Peas 1.37
  • Tomatoes 1.77
  • 2 english cucumbers 2.58
  • Daikon 3.00
  • Organic Guacamole 2.50
  • Kale 1.29
  • Collards 1.29
  • Daikon 1.50
  • Garlic 1.00
  • Corn tortillas .99
  • Coffee 1.99
  • Red Onion .99
  • 4 Avocado 3.99
  • Kale 1.29
  • Collards 1.29
  • Organic Carrots .89
  • Organic Lentils 1.29
  • Daikon 3.78
  • Organic Brown Rice 1.69
  • Soy Sauce 1.99
  • Bread 3.00
  • Organic Arugula 2.99

I made some changes this month. I bought bread instead of making it. It is easier for me not to eat store bought bread than my delicious homemade creations. I used a lot more of my pantry staples and as you can see spent the bulk of my money on veggies.

I am still going to do my $3.33 a day budget because I will still be on a tight budget and I need to save as much as possible...

I had hoped to have my Ebook ready to go, but it is taking much longer than I anticipated. My limited budget has been a roadblock to testing the recipes... but I am still working on it.. but at this point, it probably will be a couple more months. I'm going to be VERY busy over the summer with work... Right now, I'm just testing and refining the recipes... the majority of them are written.


  1. Congrats on the job! I always love your food creations. :)

  2. Yay! Money left over AND a job! Congrats - sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

  3. Congratulations! Is it a vegan wine bar? That would be awesome (though maybe not realistic, depending on the clientele).

    Congratulations also on the 5 pounds. It looks like you're eating lots of fruits and veggies!

  4. Hey- So i saw your posting on CSL and now i follow your blog! Anyhow, i have a question for you. You are finding CHEAP vegetables. How is this possible? Do you buy organic stuff? If not, where are you shopping? I feel I spend a TON on veggies....i was looking over a receipt and i bought two organic red peppers and it was $5.00 and some change. Organic kale..the same! I don't buy everything Organic, but i feel like if i am going to eat lots of veggies and do the raw thing, they should be organic. I am growing a lot of my own vegetables this summer, so hopefully that will cut down on costs....Anyhow, Congrats on the job! I was a little excited that you might get a job at Grezza (one of my favs) so i could come and eat some of your delicious sounding/looking creations.

  5. Melody, that's a post full of wonderful news - the job, the weight loss, the keeping-within-budget! Congratulations, hope all goes well with the new cafe. Best wishes, Alice

  6. Aww congrats!! I'm so happy for you that I'm a little teary eyed! :)

  7. Melody, awesome news all around. I'm thrilled to know that you've found a job. Big Kudos on the weight loss too!

    Hugs ~ Sandy

  8. Congratulations on the job - I hope it's one you enjoy. You have an impressive ability to stay organized and focussed!

  9. Congrats on the job Mel!! I am soooo happy for you!! :) Check out the giveaway I am having on my blog, free vegan and raw goodies for the winner!!

  10. Congratulations on the new job! That is great! Is it a vegetarian/vegan place?

    Wow--you got some GREAT deals last month! That is impressive :o)


  11. Hey, if you need someone to test out some of your recpies. I'd be game! Love the blog.

  12. Great news on the job! Congratulations!

  13. Congrats Melody!! This is all awesome news!

  14. Hey Mel!

    Congrats on the job! I've loved reading your blog and I was just wondering about your 2 cup freezing of soups etc. I was wondering how you go about freezing and storing? Do you use an abundance of tuperwear? or freeze in cup measures and then transfer frozen molds to a ziplock bag?

    I am always trying to freeze food for future use and am trying to figure out the best way to proceed. Thanks <3

  15. congratulations on the job AND the weight loss! I know you'll find ingenious uses for those sauces in the freezer, and I can't wait for your recipes to be published!

  16. Hey Liz, You asked me this question last week and I'm sorry I didn't respond...

    I freeze them in a variety of ways depending on what containers I have on hand and the space in my freezer.

    I use Glad Freezer Bags (they are the best.. but I re-use them several times before I recycle them) and lay things flat to conserve space. I also use glass jars (leaving an inch or two at the top) or other plastic containers.
    I save all of my pickle jars and other glass jars to use for freezing as well as any plastic containers

  17. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Congratulations! I love reading your blog

  18. I am so happy for you!!! Enjoy! I know how much you enjoy cooking and creating for people.

  19. So much good news! Congratulations on getting the job - what a relief!

  20. That's such great news- Congratulations on all of the above! :)

  21. Yay! Congratulations on both the new job and the weight loss! *Happy Dance*

  22. So proud of you, every day! :D xoxo!

    (You + me + cooking class = teh awesome. Let's set something up this summer!)

  23. Congratulations!!! Sounds like a great job for you!

  24. Hooray! Can't wait to hear more about your new job.

    Congratulations on the weight loss, too -- about a pound a week should be the right pace?

  25. congrats on the job AND the weight loss! you are amazing!

  26. What a happy, happy post, Melody!!

    I am so happy for you about the new job! And I'm also thrilled about your weight release. This is truly great: congrats!


  27. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! What great news!

  28. your latest eats sound really good, Melody! i love smoothies and salads and simple dinners - they’re always the best! CONGRATS on the job!!!!!!! wahoooooooooooo! nice job on the weight loss, too! that rocks! still sticking with your budget is an awesome idea! did i tell you that dan & i are so inspired by you that we’re cutting back a lot!?! you always create so much awesomeness and it makes me realize that we need to waste less, buy less, and get more creative with what we have and look for great deals when we’re shopping (and stick to our shopping list), too! thank you! no worries on the ecookbook – i still can’t wait for it to be all finished! superw00t!

  29. Congratulations on both the job and the weight loss! Keep on pushing through.

  30. Congrats on your new JOB and releasing 5 more pounds!! WoooHOOOOO!!!! You are an amazing woman!

  31. Aloha, I am painfully jealous of the prices you pay for food. I pay about $5-6 for a local pineapple and they grow like weeds here.....good thing I've started my own garden!
    Great Blog and congrats on the new job! Amanda in Maui

  32. Congratulations on the new job, sounds exciting.

    I can't believe your food prices - so much cheaper than here.(2 lbs broccoli for $2, kale for $1.29, soymilk $2.97?, etc...) I could never spend only 3.33 a day. Kudos to you! :)

  33. super congrats! you deserve it!

  34. Congratulations on all the good news! You are such a great inspiration!!! =D

  35. WHOOOOOO! Congratulations on the new job--yay!! Hope you love it (and I KNOW you'll wow them!) And congrats on the weight loss--fantastic. Keep going!!

  36. Congratulations both on the job and the weightloss! And I'llbe patiently waiting for your ebook.

  37. YAY YAY YAY!!! Congrats on the job! I knew you could do it :)

    You also got some great deals on veggies this month, way to go! Plus weight loss? Girl, you got it going on!

  38. Contrats on the job and the weight loss. I hope it's everything you want it to be. I've been praying for you and will continue to do so. I know you've had a rough few months but I am so inspired by the food you've been creating.


  39. Congrats on the job and let me know if you need a recipe tester :) I look forward to hearing how you like your new job!

  40. Anonymous9:23 AM

    When is your e-book of recipes coming out?

  41. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Йа йэбу... Вас тута сборищэ Пейдоразусов!
    Писсетец! Фсех бы атписдилл!

  42. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Идите на хуй!