Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick check in plus weight loss update

Ginger Lemon Cheesecake with Raspberries

OK, it's been forever! I am the biggest slacker ever when it comes to blogging, but life has been so busy and I have not been cooking much at home. I'm coming in to say hi because yesterday was my sons 18th birthday! The cheesecake above (infused with ginger and lemon) was topped with a ginger caramel sauce and fresh raspberries. I also made some raspberry coulis. The crust was gingerbread crust.. sooooo delicious! Andrew usually requests cheesecake for his bday instead of cake and I'm more than happy to oblige.

Raspberry infused Ginger Ale

Andrew's favorite soda is ginger ale.. you know the real stuff in the green bottle? I like it too, but at $5.99 a 4 pack, it is a bit pricey. Since I was making a ginger caramel sauce for the cheesecake, I figured I might as well make a ginger syrup and make our own sodas. They were super spicy and delicious, especially with the raspberries.

18 years old!

Tofu Rancheros
Andrew's bday breakfast consisted of these delicious tofu ranchers. Frozen tofu was scrambled and served over corn tortillas. I made a decadent cheese sauce to drizzle over the top.

This is the type of stuff I've been eating... fast and easy. Tofu salad on toast with salad.. also soups and veggie burgers. I'm boring myself!

I had an unfortunate fridge mishap a month or so ago and lost all the food in my fridge and freezer. What a total bummer, especially since I had just stocked my freezer with 2 cup portions of a lot of food. Oh well... stuff happens in life you can't control!

My sweet Jorda!

Finally, I'm very happy to report that I've lost 50 lbs since April! I attribute it to the stairs at my job. My prep area is downstairs and my service area is upstairs.

oh.. and to the 2 quarts of green smoothies I drink a day!

One last thing, I have some major reviews to publish soon! Cookbooks, products... I have two weeks off in November and I will be catching up on everything then!

.... but I was soooo excited to receive Urban Vegan's cookbook! It looks fabulous and you should all go buy it NOW!