Sunday, October 11, 2009


Marinated Kale and Daikon Salad

Yesterday morning before work I wanted something savory and spicy, yet raw and substantial. Insert kale salad instead of my normal green smoothie. I shredded kale, carrots, ginger and daikon and rubbed it well with a bit of toasted sesame oil, braggs, and siracha and let it marinate while I showered. I sprinkled it with sesame seeds before eating. Super delicious. The leftovers are great too (I just had some for breakfast)... I will say that I have a love/hate relationship with daikon. I love love love the way it tastes and stands in for noodles in raw dishes. I hate hate hate the way it smells after it sits for a day. I remember a while back, I made a quart of daikon pickles. Even enclosed in a mason jar the entire fridge smelled so bad I had to throw them away after two days. Oy.

Just a simple veggie burger. The delicious yellow split pea soup (with smoked paprika and tarragon) below was turned into 4 burgers.
Now that it's Fall, I am cooking lots of soup. Anyone who has read me for a while knows that soup is one of my favorite foods and split pea tops that list!

This is an old pic, but one of my favorite dishes. Lentil sprouts, daikon and zucchini noodles all dressed up with a spicy peanut sauce. Pad Thai high raw style!
Blueberry banana soft serve. A month or so ago I actually made a raw ice cream pie with this filling. It was outstanding. No picture of that though...

The last two weeks have been hell on earth for my family. My younger son went in for what we thought was going to be a routine foot surgery. He had a large cyst/tumor on the bottom of his hell and they thought it might be malignant. After 9 long days and four pathologists, we got the final report that it was definitely benign and he had it removed in his second surgery in 10 days. He's on the road to recovery and is a real trooper. He runs track and will be ready run in the winter. I am so incredibly thankful he is going to be OK.

This experience has made me re-evaluate things in my life and I've made some changes that will be much better for me and my family.