Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Menu for Sept 28 and Simple Rice Milk


I am writing down what we eat daily and posting it here. 
Sept 28:
Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, chia, and homemade rice milk
Lunch: Raw collard slaw, Pear ginger breakfast bread
Snack: Green Smoothie ( parsley, banana, water, flax )
Dinner: Tostadas and cabbage escabeche

For those with heartier appetites, stir in peanut butter to
Lunch was veggie burgers on homemade bread.
Snack: Protein shake with flax
Dinner: Double portions and side of cornbread with cinnamon 
coconut oil 

Raw Collards


Every time I make a soup, I freeze at least 2 ( 2 cup ) portions to have on hand for a quick meal. I pulled some Black Bean Chili from the freezer to top these tostadas. Nutritional yeast cheese, salsa and a tiny bit of avocado finished these off. I served them on a bed of Cabbage Escabeche, which is essentially a marinated slaw. The raw slaw was just collards, carrots, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, spices and olive oil.

I made a batch of cornbread for my son to have on had. One tip with muffins and quick breads; make a dry mix. Triple the recipe and keep it in containers, so when you want a quick bread, all you have to do is add wet ingredients. Some muffins mixes can also be kept in the fridge for several weeks, so all you have to do is scoop and bake.

Speaking of baking, I have found that rice milk is superior to soymilk in baking, especially gluten free baking. Buying commercial rice milk is expensive and did you know that many of the companies making these products are actually owned buy Big Agri-Business?

It is simple to make your own rice or other milk. All you need is a blender and a strainer.

Basically for rice milk, 1 cup of cooked rice ( I use brown ) and 4 cups of water. Blend well and strain. That's it. You can add some vanilla, a touch of salt and stevia for a vanilla milk if desired. A tip: I often don't even strain this. I have a Vita Mix, so it really purees it, but I like the thickness of the finished product for baking.

I'll post my cornbread recipe tomorrow!


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  2. I'm really trying to learn to like rice milk a little more. It's so thin! And I'm so into creamy soymilk. But I'd like to mix things up, you know?

    BTW, the tostadas look amazing!!!!