Thursday, October 07, 2010


For the last three days,  I have been eating the same things over and over. Oatmeal for breakfast, a one pot meal soup for lunch and dinner and green smoothies as a snack. Boring! My son has only been here for two meals, so it's been very simple.

I have mixed it up a bit though. I cooked up a pound of white beans and have been using them in various ways, one being my green smoothie. I like to get some protein in whenever I can, so I used 1/2 c white beans, collard greens and frozen banana along with cinnamon, nutmeg and stevia. The beans are so creamy it lends a nice texture to the smoothie.

This morning, I did yoga and wanted something more brunch like, so I threw together this delicious raw collard salad. I used cooked white beans, carrots, raisins, chipotle sunflower seeds and my low fat balsamic dijon vinaigrette.

I plan on making some Indian food in the next several days. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow. Also, I will be making my sugar free banana bread and posting that recipe. I was going to make it this week, but my son was at his dads more and wanted to wait for him to be here so I didn't eat it all myself! ( even though it's healthy, I don't need the extra calories! )


  1. I love Indian food, and can't wait to see what you cook up. My favorite thing about it is how well it freezes for future grab-and-go!

  2. Do you massage the raw collards like you would raw kale? I tried raw collard wraps once and I couldn't deal with the bitterness...beans in a smoothie sounds delicious. I'm all about creamy.

  3. Bianca, I do massage them and it works really well.

    I wonder if the collards you had were especially strong, I find that as long as the filling is highly seasoned, I really love collard wraps...