Monday, December 27, 2010

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Pie

I can't believe it. I just lost a HUGE post. uuuggghhhh how frustrating. It said that blogger autosaved, but it didn't. I am so bummed.

To make a long story short. Here is the recipe for my pie.

For the crust you will make a batch of Gluten Free Brownies. Divide the batter into three 9 inch cake pans. Bake for 15 minutes. Now you have two pie crusts ( one you can freeze for future use ) and another crust that you will divide in half and crumble for the topping. Cool the crust completely before filling.

  • 1 box firm silken tofu, drained
  • 1.25 c natural peanut butter
  • 1.25 c packed brown sugar
  • 1 t vanilla extract
  • ½ t cinnamon
  • 1 T instant coffee
  • 1 T balsamic vinegar
  • ¼ t salt 
½  crust crumbled + ¼ t nutmeg
1 c chopped roasted peanuts
  1. Blend the ingredients in a food processor, scraping down the sides as necessary. 
  2. Spoon into pie crust and either freeze for and hour or refrigerate overnight
  3. To serve, sprinkle reserved crust and peanuts on top. 
  4. To gild the lily, add some chocolate sauce  or coconut whipped cream
If you click on the chocolate sauce link, you will also find my recipe for Sugar Free, Gluten Free Banana Bread which is really really good.

If you are looking for my Gluten Fee Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing recipe, click HERE.

I have been eating food other than cake and desserts!

Moroccan White Beans and Veggies over Barley ( topped with yummy sauces! )

Balsamic Tofu with Barley and Kale

Blogger is really acting up, I'm going to stop here because I don't want to lose this post too


  1. i hate it when the whole post disappears! how awful.

    looking forward to your guest post on CR.

  2. Your recipes are sheer genius! I'm going to have to try the chocolate sauce for sure, and that p-nut butter pie sounds divine...

    Your dinners look beautiful.

  3. Christine1:20 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear you lost your post!! Yes, it's so annoying! If you still have any pie left, maybe eating a piece would help now? (I know it would help ME!!:)

    I will record this recipe in my new recipe book I dedicated to this purpose. When I find people to share it with, I'll make that out-of-this-world-looking pie.

  4. FGosh - those savoury dishes look divine. I'd love the recieps to those. :)

  5. I need to try this cake! anything with chocolate and peanut butter sounds awesome to me!

  6. *grumbles* hate it when that happens! its never when you first start...its always near the end!!

    ive made filling similar to this, but i really like your crust idea, much healthier than what i did!

  7. That pie looks wonderful! Mmm

  8. This pie looks delicious!