Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Frugan: Operation Booty Shrink Banana Bread

I used my sugar free banana bread recipe, but replaced the oil with applesauce and the flax with 1/4 c  psyllium husk!! It came out really well!  I can't believe how healthy this bread is. 


  1. I love the name — Booty Shrink Banana Bread!! And 10 pounds of bananas? There's no way that would fit in my freezer!

  2. Yes, we have no banana? 10 pounds for 1.90? I've gotta shop where you shop! What a score!

  3. Mmmm 8 bananas! I love banana bread that is mostly banana.

  4. oh i see how you got in protein with the ben milk instead of rice. i rememeber reading about bean milk from here, and thinking that would be so good in recipes maybe with a little stevia.

    i love this title !! good one Melo:)nothing makes me happier than low cal booty bread recipes. and i like banana bread, but i dislike bananas any other way. like i have never been able to sub it for oil.thanks again for posting this great recipe. you have such good ideas.

  5. Christine4:36 PM

    Why fat free? Fat slows down the absorption of foods, hence reduces the glycemic load, which in turn stabilizes blood sugar and reduces carb cravings. It also makes anything taste better. There are many different qualities of oils and fats. Using coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides) actually aids weight loss and would go so well with banana. Canola oil would be quite a different story...

    I made your banana bread the other day with some minor alterations, and added a tofu-chocolate icing. It was a real hit with the birthday-child I gave it to.

  6. I got the title from a fellow PPKer.. I originally was calling my journey Operation Fat Ass Reduction, but many were offended so someone suggested Operation Booty Shrink.. I asked if I could use it and they said yes.. haahaha..

    Christine, I am not going fat free, I'm just trying to cut as many calories as possible so I can smear peanut butter on my banana bread!