Friday, February 04, 2011

Breakfast Carrot Cake with Ganache

I love sugar free breakfast cakes. They are satisfying and delicious.  I made a carrot cake version of my Apple Cakes, replacing the protein powder with 1/4 c pureed soybeans. I thinned out my chocolate hummus with a bit of water and 2 t of melted coconut oil for a delicious ganache type frosting.

The Apple Cake recipe works well with most fruits and many veggies. Zucchini, carrots and beet are great additions.  You can add a couple T of nuts or coconut as well. Super yum.

I am down in Massachusetts helping my SIL who is pregnant and suffering from pretty severe morning sickness. I cooked all day for them yesterday so she doesn't have to cook. I made Setian and Veggies Shepherds Pie, French Lentil Soup, Southwestern Barley and Black Bean Stew, Energy Balls, Setian with Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms, Black Bean Burgers and Refried Black Beans.

I've been enjoying my Chipotle Split Pea Soup and  Collard Rolls stuffed with Chickpea of the Sea Veggie Burgers, Tartar Sauce and lots of veggies.  I just love collards! For breakfast, I've been eating tahini with carrots, banana and a drizzle of honey all wrapped up.

Have you tried wrapping your favorite sandwich ingredients in greens? Or if you are on the go, stuff them with tons of veggies and your favorite dressing and you have your very own portable salad!


  1. Um, can you be my sister in law? Haha, how nice of you, and lucky for her! I love green wraps, who needs bread? ;)

  2. Mmmm...breakfast cake. I must try that. You had me at chocolate hummus.

  3. That breakfast cake looks gooooooooooood!

    Yep, I love collard green wraps. Humus, veggies, Mmm Mmm. Today I read about nori rolls on Choosing Raw so I had nut pate nori rolls for lunch, super-delish!

  4. Lucky sister in law to get amazing vegan goodies from you.

    I like the tahini wrap idea.

    Thanks for looking up the iron tea recipe, I would love it!

  5. The breakfast cake is beautiful...great gloss on the ganache!

    Sounds like your SIL and family are all set for a while; it all sounds wonderful.

    I like to make wraps with greens...but need to do it more often!

  6. Lucky SIL! Everything sounds healthy and delicious. We're on the right track, for sure!

  7. Oh I wish you'd been my sil when I had morning sickness. Your cooking sounds MUCH better than saltines. :D

  8. I love wrapping things in greens! I've been wrapping lots of stuff in chard lately, and my usual kale. I don't see collards in stores here very often, I'll have to keep an eye out, they're so easy to wrap! I'm really into raw "pb & j" wraps in greens lately - almond butter & raspberries, sooooo good.

  9. breakfast and cake in the same sentence!! IM IN:)