Monday, February 21, 2011

Test this: Gluten Free Lemongrass Coconut Cake!

In my last restaurant job, I did a lot of gluten free (vegan) baking everyday. Every morning, I made the following:
  • Gluten Free Muffins
  • Gluten Free Brownies
  • Gluten Free Cornbread
  • A Gluten Free Cake or Cupcakes
  • Gluten Free Cookies
  • Sugar Free, Gluten Free Breakfast Breads
It was fun to come up with different combinations of flavors so I didn't get bored and this was one of my very favorite cakes! I have changed my recipe a bit to make it a bit cheaper by using coconut in the frosting instead of earth balance or shortening. I got the great idea to make coconut butter out of dried coconut from Heatheatsalmondbutter! What a GREAT alternative to the super expensive coconut butters out there.! Thanks Heather.

So, I have changed up the recipe just a bit and now I'm putting it out there for YOU to test if you wish. If you don't have lemongrass, leave it out and add the zest of another lemon.. it will still be really good. 

My secret ingredient in gluten free cakes is mayo! Of course, I use my Low Fat Vegeanaise Alternative in my cake. Have you made it yet? It's so good! I've been asked if you could sub yogurt for the mayo and you might be able to, but I can't guarantee results. In fact, that is something I want to talk about for sec. 
The recipe I post are made with the ingredients I choose for a reason, so if you substitute things I can't guarantee the results! 

So, that being said, here's the recipe:

Lemongrass Cake with Coconut Frosting
·         ½ c golden flax meal
·         ¼  c low-fat vegan mayo
·         1 c sugar
·         1 t vanilla
·         1 t coconut extract
·         Juice and zest of 1 lemon
·         2 T lemongrass (I get mine frozen at my local ethnic market)
·         ½ c light colored oil
·         1.5 c Bob’s All Purpose GF flour
·         2 t baking powder
·         1 t baking soda
·         ½  t salt

Method:  Pre-heat oven to 350
1.       Mix flax, mayo, sugar, extracts, lemon juice, zest , lemongrass and oil together very well until everything is totally incorporated
2.       Sift together the flour, powder, soda and salt into the wet mixture and mix together completely. You don’t have to worry about over working this dough. Mix super well!
3.       Spray a 9 by 9 cake pan with cooking spray, pour batter into pan and bake for 25-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
4.       Cool cake completely on a wire rack
5.       Frost!
·         1.5 c unsweetened coconut shreds
·         ¼ c nondairy milk
·         3 – 4 c powdered sugar
·         Juice and Zest of 1 lemon
·         Pinch salt
1.       In a food processor, process the coconut and milk if needed until coconut turns into butter like substance. This will take around 4 minutes
2.       Add the powdered sugar, lemon juice and zest,  salt and process until it comes together like frosting  adding milk as needed

If lemon isn't your thing, my Gluten Free Chocolate Cake  and Gluten Free Brownies are delicious as well! 

If all of this sugar is not what you're looking for then check out some of some of these recipes:

If you missed yesterday's Lasagna with White Bean Basil filling click here! 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

What are your favorite flavor dessert flavor combinations?


  1. lemongrass -- what a great ingredient to mix with coconut!

  2. It is so amazing to see how you come up with the most wonderful recipes all the time. The cake looks so delicious!

  3. Thanks for all the links to your other great recipes! I like the gentle reminder on how you put in the ingredients that work best for your recipes. No one can complain then!

  4. Favorite dessert flavors . . . I'm not a huge chocolate person, and tend to prefer less sweet, fruit-based desserts. My boyfriend and I both love anything lemon, and I love coconut, too! Yum.

  5. I forgot -- I also really like ginger, chai spices, pistachio, rosewater, cardamom, saffron . . . eastern/middle-eastern flavors, too. And I LOVE salty sweets and spicy sweets!

    OK. I just like dessert. :)

  6. this sounds so good. i need a piece now! reminds me not to read food blogs if I am too hungry.

  7. Thanks for sharing your gf and sf recipe! I'll give this a go without mayo as the vegan mayo here is soy-based.

  8. I love vanilla...anything vanilla :-)

    I finally got psyllum at Trader Joes and now I forget what recipe(s) of yours I had seen it in and bought it for! Sheesh. Can you point me in the right direction?


  9. Such a unique dessert- I just love the flavor of lemongrass, and coconut pairs perfectly. I can practically taste this now!

  10. Love your gluten-free cakes! I will def try one of your cakes this weekend with your version of vegenaise! I remember growing up my mom added mayo to every baked good and it made it so moist and yummy!

  11. the brownie topping looks so decadent! you sure did a lot of baking at the restaurant you were at. everyday you had to do all that? last week my friend and i got together and made coconut lime cupcakes, they wre pretty good:) but my fave is probably anything triple chocolate:)lol

  12. Courtey,

    That should bring up a lot of the posts with it!

  13. DD... that was just a very small part of my job. I baked all of that in 2 hours every morning by the time we opened... then I went onto the specials, soups, and salads for the salad bar.. I put out a lot of food every day and loved it!

  14. Anonymous9:40 AM

    this looks awesome. can i use fresh lemongrass?

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