Thursday, March 17, 2011


For those of you have read my blog for a while, it is probably obvious that I'm not really into celebrating holidays in a traditional way. I won't be wearing green today (although I have always said my green eyes count!) but I will share some of my favorite Green Recipes!

Let's start with my go to Green smoothie. This is a definite health beverage that I have developed a taste for. I just take 1 frozen banana, two cups of organic baby spinach and 2 c water and blend! When I start my day with one of these (and sometimes I add 4 c of water and make it really think, almost like a juice).

Sprouting is a simple way to add some green goodness into your diet! It's super cheap and easy to do. All you need is a clean glass jar, a knee high pantyhose (brand new obviously) and a rubber band. Check out this post for further instructions! I love packing salads and collard wraps with sprouts and sometimes just mix several different kinds together (my favorite are red clover, lentil, hot mustard and broccoli sprouts) for a SPROUT SALAD! When I am really low on funds sprouting allows me to get some good GREEN produce  into my diet!
How about a Portobello stuffed with Goat Cheese, Spinach and Basil?

Or a collard wrap stuffed with your favorite veggie burger?

Don't forget the guacamole! 
and of course, Split Pea Soup

and some Pesto! 

Pesto Pasta!
and of course... Raw Kale Salad! 

...and finally another couple of pictures! I am funding my Cross Country Road Trip with Cooking Classes and Photo shoots! Here are some more of my portraits!


  1. My kinda post! I'm not a big st. Patricks day person either, especially since I don't drink. :)

  2. This is the most amazing St. Patrick's Day post I have seen so far.

  3. Such awesome pictures and treats! Can't wait to try some of your green masterpieces! xo
    (I'm not big into traditional holidays either and won't be wearing green either :-)

  4. Happy St Patty's! I am not that into the holiday, but I wear a lot of green anyhow so I usually fit in ok. :-) I'd love to have anything off your green menu.

  5. Love your posts, have been following since your piece for Crazy Sexy Life. I have a question on your sprouting, do you use the same lentils you buy to eat or do you have to buy special "sprouting" seeds and legumes? Thanks for all you share

  6. great idea to sprout your own greens to save money--im desperate to eat healthy on my college budget!

  7. i went to go look at the cheese stick recipe. thats one of those foods that i never really wanted before (real cheese sticks) but a raw vegan version sounds too good to pass up!! i might be trying this very soon!

    i layed in bleach wearing my only green shirt a few days ago:( lol long story:) ttysoon

  8. Pesto Pasta? It looks delish! I HAVE to try that out! I'm a new follower!

  9. WOWZERS! those are some nice looking photos. and a VERY green smoothie, almost radioactive looking. =D im also guilty and using the "do my eyes count" line...

  10. TCC, yep, you can use regular old lentils! Just soak them over night, drain and let them sprout for a day and you have a great, raw source of protein!

  11. Have you a tried a green smoothie? They are delish and have other benefits as well. :)