Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photography and a guess what this is?

Let's take a break from food for a bit OK? I'm pretty miserable with another cold/bronchitis and have not been cooking much or doing anything for a couple days now.... so it's the perfect time to introduce you to my something I love as much as creating vegan food!

 Photography! My love for photography was born from this food blog! When I began I shot with a  point and shoot and just winged it. Sometimes, I go back through my blog and am horrified by the pictures, but then I read the entry and they always show my passion for creating frugal vegan food and take pride in seeing how much I've learned since then. It's fun to see the little sprinklings ( and wow, I totally forgot about how I nailed vegan swiss cheese way back when!)  of non food photography that burst through my food pages. 

My Cross Country Road Trip is going to be funded through Photo Shoots and Cooking Classes, so I am going to be sharing my photography here in hopes that some of YOU will set up shoots with me! Obviously, I am available for Food Photography Shoots, but I also shoot People, Place and Things

I shoot with primarily natural light, but will have some lighting so I can set up a small studio on location if desired!

I shoot everyone and everything! I am extremely creative and have so much fun going outside and seeing where the shoot leads us! 

I love kids and animals and can do more traditional photos as well.
and... my creative side wins over again!
Conservative Again (shot for a book jacket)

Back to more creative!

Now, if you made it this far.. can you guess what this is? I'll elaborate tomorrow! 


  1. I LOVE that photo of the baby shoes on the belly!

    That looks just like the Knudsen Goji Berry juice my mom bought for me last week!

  2. for some reason i really like the lady in mud.and is the last picture kombucha? i have no idea!!

  3. Beautiful pics! Wish you could come take some of my little girl! :) feel better!!

  4. Beautiful photos. I hope you'll be posting while you're on the road! Feel better!!!

  5. I've always enjoyed your photos — but I can relate to how painful it is to see old blog pics. Sometimes I even go back and try to salvage mine if it's a post that gets seen a lot, but those old photos are hard to work with. As for the liquid — it looks like kombucha. Are you brewing? Hope you feel better soon.

  6. You have such wonderful talents for food and photograpy. I remember when you posted the photos of the woman walking into the water and on the beach, and those shots are still my favorite, very sensual.

    I think the second to last photo is kombucha. I hope you get better soon! :)

  7. What wonderful photos! You're great at capturing a real "feeling" behind the image :)

  8. I love the photo with the dad and baby on the beach (I think?)and that last pic reminds me of the water kefir me and the kids drink!

  9. Really gorgeous photography- I'm jealous, since portraits are really my weak point. I'm just no good with people...