Monday, March 14, 2011

Spicy Thai Tofu , Hummus Wraps and Super Healthy Pancakes!

It's no secret I love spicy food and Thai flavors are some of my favorite. Here is the recipe for the above dish. It's a Coconut Thai Veggie Stew and Brown Rice. I used frozen spinach and frozen tofu which I defrosted and tore into bite size pieces for a chewy bite.

Oh how I love making my own flat bread. I describe how I made this batch HERE. For less than 20 cent a piece, you can't go wrong with these whole grain goodies! Smeared with Chipotle Hummus, pickled hot peppers and greens, this is a simple yet flavorful lunch that travels well.

Super simple healthy pancakes ... with cultured coconut cream and fruit make a delicious breakfast! Gluten free and high in protein, they kept me satiated through an 45 minutes swim and 45 minute power walk with my dog! Chickpea flour is amazing! CLICK FOR RECIPE!

Of course, another portrait! I am funding my Vegan Road Trip with my Photography and Cooking Classes! I hope YOU will set up a shoot or class with me so I can make this dream come true! 


  1. Your pancakes are making me crave a decadent brunch- If only your inspiration came over the weekend! ;) No matter though, there's always next weekend.

  2. LOVE it! I made your whole wheat bread this weekend!

  3. It's all stunningly beautiful. Those wraps sound super tasty! I wish I lived closer to New Hampshire, I'd take you up on some cooking/photography classes for sure!

  4. Love your blog. I just emailed you with a surprise, and when you reply, I want to chat about your road trip, as if you want I can help organize a class when you're in the SF bay area....

  5. As someone who even adds tabasco to my peanut butter cookies, I wholeheartedly appreciate your spicy recipes :)

    And I want those red socks!