Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is in the air

Oh how happy I am that it's spring! Finally! It got up to 75 degrees yesterday. Funny that there's still snow on the ground. 

Simple salad.. I used my Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette to dress this simple salad. 

My favorite lemonade. Stevia sweetened with cayenne. I drank 2 quarts of this yesterday. I drink this hot in the winter! 

I made have a bunch of yummy  Coconut Barley Pudding in the fridge.. I just love his recipe! 

Tonight for dinner, I'm making a big batch of Southwestern Barley Black Bean Stew! 

Finally, my bestie, Rebecca had her baby! Ben is doing GREAT.. breathing on his own. I'm so happy he's doing so well. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. 


  1. Great to hear your friend gave birth to a healthy babe! That porridge sounds wonderful! Have a great day, Melody!

  2. good news!! aww baby ben, thats so sweet.

    and the barley pudding does sound really good! im very glad spring is here also. even though we dont have such extreme cold, im glad to have it done with. ttysoon

  3. The coconut-barley pudding sounds so good. I can imagine it served warm in winter and cold in summer — with coconut or cashew cream.

  4. Great news about Baby Ben!!!!!!!!!!! Glad that the sun is shining and it's warming up where you are. Still in the 40s and 50s here, but I'll take it!

  5. congrats to rebecca and family!

  6. Ah spring is lovely. Great selection of comestibles; they all look great. I drink something similar to your lemonade every morning. It's really refreshing.

  7. It all sound so yummy. Beautiful picture of you:)