Saturday, October 01, 2011

Welcome to Vegan MOFO day 1!

Welcome to another round of VeganMofo!!  I am sure excited to take part again!

I figured I'd do an introduction to get started.. since everything has changed yet again on this blog!

I moved to Boston a week ago from Portsmouth, NH.

When I first started documenting my $3.33 a Day (way back in Jan 09) I had been laid off from my job as a Vegan and Raw Food Chef in a restaurant.  My boys were teenagers then.  They lived with me part time and I had a food budget of $100/month which worked out to approximately $3.33 a day.  I started my blog in 2006 when I was still married and cooking for my family.... so all of this was a big change!

Fast forward several years.. I found work in restaurants, but as of last year (Sept 2010) I decided to branch out into unknown waters and work for myself...  Melody Polakow Photography and Chef Services ....  and in doing so, I trimmed my budget to $3.33 a Day again..  My kids have grown and are off doing their own things, so it is just me.

I moved to Boston last week and will be blogging.. although I am not sure what direction this blog will take.  Frugal Vegan for sure!...

Can I pull off $3.33 a day in Boston?  I sure hope so!

I made this move for several reasons.. but one of them is to help me lose weight.  I am selling my car and am adopting a walking lifestyle.  You can check out these posts to learn more.

I have been used to a specific method of preparing food... and this is all changing due to my move.

Just look at my view each morning! 

... but this move requires sacrifice.  I am sharing an apartment the same size I lived in alone with a roommate... and she has a full furnished apartment, so I condensed my entire apartment into one room... including most of my kitchen equipment...  and that also means sharing fridge and freezer space...  so I have to figure out a new way of doing things.  Normally, I have two legumes and two cooked grains on hand, but last week, I cooked from 1 legume and 1 boiled brown rice pasta for most meals...  so we shall see what happens... and that is part of this months Vegan Mofo!..  

Can I do $3.33 a Day in Boston?  I am relying on public transportation 100%..  

I am also going to be eating out once a week and blogging about it.. finding the hidden vegan jewels and giving honest reviews of vegan/vegetarian restaurants!..


  1. All I can say is you have one lucky roommate! I hope she takes the opportunity to sample some of your awesome food!

    Looking forward to your MoFo posts and more from Boston.

  2. Need a third roommate? ;-) Enjoy life in Boston. The food festival in October is usually amazing.

  3. make that vegetarian (but pretty much vegan) food festival.

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  5. I shall try this comment again, but this time with the proper account. Aiyiyi.

    I've lurked your blog a long time, but never commented.
    I'm currently a new-to-the-big-city vegan doing $100.00 a month on groceries, too, but in Chicago. In my limited experience, being frugal in a major city can be easier than smaller places. The cost of living is higher, but the amount of ethnic markets, produce markets, etc., is staggering. I'm having no trouble getting dirt cheap produce.

    Good luck on your life changes. I moved to Chicago this summer, and it's been marvelous. All of the new is keeping my perspective so fresh.

  6. I always love your blog and recipes! I'm also super excited to hear about your eating out experiences in Boston. I will be there for a week at the end of March for a business trip and will be looking for good Vegan restaurants :)

  7. Whoo-hoo for Boston! Good luck--I know you can do it. I am thrilled you are going to do MoFo :-)


  8. hooooray for Boston and hoooooray for Vegan MoFo! you can bet your boots i'm excited to read along this month and drool (as usual!) over all the awesomeness you whip up and enjoy. happy MoFo'n, Melody!

  9. I'm looking forward to reading your MoFoing. Your new view looks great & I'm looking forward to reading about Boston.

  10. I'm excited for you Melody. Your new life has so much potential. I'll be looking forward to whatever new directions your blog takes. Thanks for sharing your life.

  11. Congratulations on your move to Boston! It's so lovely to get a fresh start. My experience living in a big city (Los Angeles) versus the small town where I live now is that the food (at least the organic kind I'm buying) was actually cheaper in the big city. There's more demand there, more variety, and more competition to keep prices lower. Sure, you can find plenty of expensive food in big cities too, but I've found that the one area where I'm spending more now in a small town is on groceries. Good luck!

  12. Looking forward to your posts about your new life. Best wishes!!!

  13. I'm rooting for you and all of these big life changes, Melody!


  14. You can definitely get around Boston on public transportation as long as you're willing to walk! You can get pretty close to anywhere once you learn the busses. I used to live in the South End and commuted to Cambridge.

  15. What an exciting change! I spent very little time in Boston, but I loved visiting Revere Beach. Less than 30 minutes away (on the blue train I think), and you're on a nice quiet sandy beach.
    Wishing you well!

  16. Being vegan in Boston is great, and the public transportation is awesome. Harvest Co-op has the best bulk bins I've seen around here. Some of the best vegan spots: The OtherSide, Grasshopper (the No Name, Vegi-Beef Lomein, and Hot & Sour soup), Peace o' Pie, Veggie Planet (portabella redhead pizza!), My Thai Vegan, Veggie Galaxy (it's new, but getting better), Dorado (veggie tacos), Genki Ya, and...I can't think of anymore right now, but those are my frequents.

    Bummer I never got to interview you, but it sounds like you've been busy. Welcome to Boston!

  17. Looking forward to your posts & stories from Boston! All the best for this new chapter.

  18. Good luck in your new kitchen!