Sunday, December 04, 2011

Trying to find balance.

I tend to come and go from this blog.. and lately it has been hard for me to motivate myself to write and post recipes.

Since I am actively (finally) losing weight, I find it is easier to focus much less on food than I used to, and therefore, I am eating really simple things over and over.  Like the salad you see to the left with my chipolte hummus.

.. but there is so much I want to say.. about food, life and everything...

Food in Boston is amazing!  I love living so close to Trader Joes... it's about a 10 minute walk to get there...  and they really do have the BEST tofu ever.

Haymarket has fabulous deals.  Yesterday I got a huge bag of spinach (3 lbs maybe) and a huge head of cabbage for $3, plus it's just so much fun to shop outside and be in the buzz of the city.

Seriously... THIS is where I went grocery shopping last night...

I LOVE it here!  There is something about living in the city that makes me feel calm, centered and serene.

My roommate is a wonderful woman.  She teaches me new, exciting things every day... and for that I am sooo grateful. Seriously.

I am pinching myself because I can't believe this is my life....  so as I take it all in and settle down more, I will be able to start posting more new recipes... but for now I am eating the same things over and over and over..
Lentils with habanero sauce, and veggies
Salads with Roasted Tofu

Last week, I scored 15 lbs of Zucchini for $8 at Haymarket.  My roomie and I split it...  how awesome is that?  We've been eating tons of Zucchini ...   it is sooo easy to stick to my budget here.

So.. a question for you all. 

How do you find balance in your life?