Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life update/weight loss

I'm still figuring out the direction I am going to take this blog in.  I cook so much for work that I am not cooking that much at home. Frankly, I am a bit burnt out with cooking if you want to know the truth, but when I get some downtime, I realize I do still love it.

So, I moved to Boston around 6 months ago, gave up my car and pretty much changed EVERYTHING!  It was terrifying, but I am SOOO glad I did it.

I am working for a wonderful family.  I am not cooking only vegan food for them.  In fact, I cook meat for them.  They are Muslim and they only eat Halal meat which definitely has a different energy than factory farmed meat.  It's interesting... there was a time in my life where I would not have even considered cooking meat for a job. I appreciate that they source their meat so carefully.  By the way, I will not engage in a debate or shaming me for cooking meat, so save your breath if you feel the need to lecture me ;-)

One thing I have realized over the past year is that life is too short to engage in drama of any kind.  I want happiness and peace in my life and that is what I am creating.

So, weight loss udpate.  I have lost 65 lbs since I moved! How cool is that?  I walk all over and work on my feet, but frankly, I think most of the weight loss has happened because I have let go of so much bullshit emotionally.  If you guys knew how much internal work I've been doing on myself over the past 4 years... well...  it's been intense, but I'm finally reaping the rewards. Big time. I feel like a completely different person.

I have had so many new experiences and met a lot of people and basically opened my life up to possibilities I never knew existed.  Oh.. and I met a boy. Well, a man. :-)   He's a total foodie and I've introduced him to Raw Kale Salads and other yummy food and he actually cooks for me too.  He made the BEST Chana Masala ..   a man with a stocked kitchen and cardamom in the cupboard. Yes please :-)

Life is good.  I'm making friends and having new experiences on an almost weekly basis.

Me at work. 

What do YOU GUYS want to see on this blog?  I KNOW that many of you want the Blue Cheese recipe.. soo stay tuned.  It's coming :-)