Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Restaurant Review: Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant

Back in June, The BF and went to Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant.  It is located at145- 147 Broadway Street in Somerville, MA.

We share a love of well prepared, spicy food and Fasika did not disappoint.  One of our favorite things to do when we go out to eat is to deconstruct the food;  figure out exactly what is in it and then try our hand at replicating some of the dishes at home.  Since I have an intense NEED for super HOT food, they brought us some of the spicy dried spice mixture they use... and boy oh boy did we have fun figuring out what was in it!  They were so nice, even sending some home with us!

We ordered a combo plate to share.  Now, The BF eats meat..  and yes, there is a big old pile of raw beef in the pic and don't you worry a bit, I did not nor would I ever partake in that!  I did eat the Ayeb Be-Gomen (collards with cottage cheese), but the rest of the food is vegan.  We got the Tegabino, Ye-Miser Wot, Ye-Gomen Wot, Ye-Kik Alicha.  I believe his beef dish was called Kitfo.

Look at this awesome plate of food!  They make their Injera from 100% Teff Flour.  Did you know that teff has naturally occurring yeast and that's what allows it to ferment? I have been having an issue finding Teff flour in Boston...  Can any Boston peeps point me in the right direction?

mmmmmm... Injera! 

The food was so fresh and delicious.  I wish I could eat there tonight! If you're a drinker, try their Honey Wine.. 

I love little hole in the wall places.  The neighborhood was full of character..  there was an awesome barber shop across the street..  and it was easy to find on the street parking.

Don't they look like they're having a grand old time?  Yeah... I can be a bit RUDE sometimes with my camera.

Here's a Taco place that looks like it would be good.  (OMG, speaking of good Taco Places.... I have a review coming up of an AMAZING place in Jamaica Plain! the sauces were to die for.. yum!)..

So many restaurants to try.. so little time to try them all.  The BF works out of town all week, so we only see each other on weekends.

Sometimes, I still can't believe I live in Boston!  I am always a little shocked when we drive through the city at night.  Summer has been challenging for me here... due to the heat, walking all the time and lately, a lot of violence in my neighborhood.  I am definitely looking forward to Fall!

I digress...  back to Fasika.  If you like authentic Ethiopian food, I highly recommend them.  I also loved Lucy Ethiopian on Mass Ave.

BTW, the other night, I created a dish inspired by the Ayeb Be-Gomen..  and it was delicious!  I saved half of the spiced collards in The BF's freezer ready for another meal!


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