Friday, November 02, 2012

Leftover Love!

I love leftovers as you all know and base many of my meals on them.  Soup can be turned into a burgerChana Saag, Salsa and Chipotle Hummus can be pureed in a food processor and with the addition of tofu, a delicious 'Saag Panir' can be created in 15 minutes, Oatmeal can be turned into breakfast cookies. In fact, most of my cooking is based on leftovers.  I like to have 3 base sauces on hand along with 2 cooked legumes and 2 cooked grains and take it from there.  Many meals can be created in 30 minutes or less and let's face it, most of us don't have hours and hours to spend in the kitchen!

My Chickpea Flatbreads are great substitute for tortillas in the dish above.  Recips HERE.

My Mexi- Base makes a delicious soft taco filling!

Leftover lentils and Cashew 'Goat Cheese' turns into yummy soup in 20 minutes!

What are your favorite ways to use leftovers?


  1. I love leftovers. I only cook a couple times a week and eat leftovers everyday for lunches and dinners.

  2. Seconded - I always make an extra portion of whatever i'm making for dinner, then take it into work the next day!

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