Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vegan: Sriracha Tofu, Daikon, Pickled Jalapeno, and Radish Tacos

I rarely eat traditional breakfast foods.  I crave savory, spicy flavors and this morning, I threw together these awesome tacos in 5 minutes.  I sprayed my cast iron with coconut oil cooking spray and toasted the corn tortillas and re-heated LEFTOVER TOFU over medium heat.  Last night, I created a new Low Fat Vegan Flax - Almond Mayo. (Mayo recipe will be in my upcoming E-book!) ..  I mixed Sriracha in with the mayo and slathered it on the bottom of the tortillas. Then I added spring mix and some Daikon Noodles, the tofu, and topped it with pickled jalapenos (from our garden) and pickled radish.  The flavor was outstanding, low in calories and filled me up for hours.

In case you missed yesterday's post, this is how I make my daikon noodles.


  1. That daikon noodle bowl looks AMAZING!!! And that tofu looks so crispy. And well, you know how I feel about sriracha (LOVE!)

    Hope the foot surgery goes well!!