Monday, November 25, 2013

This is what Del Monte Canned Green Beans actually look like!

First, in case you missed the last post, here are a bunch of Frugal Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes! 

So, recently, The Boyfriend and I were captivated by a commercial for Del Monte canned green beans.  You see, both of us remember canned green beans as mushy and definitely not bright green and beautiful like the commercial portrayed.  Could they have really changed that much?

Here's the commercial:

Notice the long green beans, bright and firm looking, even after BOILING!

Well, I figured I would buy a can, especially in light of my $25 Dollar Tree Challenge, where I was tempted to buy some.  (I opted for 16 oz. of broccoli and cauliflower florets instead.)


I don't remember the last time I had canned green beans, but they tasted exactly the same.  I actually have fond memories of canned green beans because my grandmother used to feed them to me.  She also fed me Kraft Mac and Cheese, Spaghettios, White Bread with American Cheese and Miracle Whip, Instant Mashed Potatoes and frozen Peach Pie!

She was not the cook in the family!  Taking a bite of these green beans conjured up a nice little piece of nostalgia...  I sure miss my grandma!

... but even with the lovely reminder of my grandma, I won't be buying canned green beans any time soon.

It really irritates me when companies lie so blatantly.  It doesn't surprise me, but I don't like how they can get away with it.

Why can't they take freshly picked green beans,blanch them, and then can them instead of cooking them to death?


  1. My mother preferred frozen green beans (and canned peas). But on those occasions when we had the canned variety, they looked exactly like the ones in your photo — and tasted even worse than they looked. That commercial should be banned.

    1. Agreed about the commercial... such lies!

  2. I searched my Dollar Tree, and I told the checker about your challenge. There weren't as many options, but they still had lots of stocking to do. I was very excited about vegetarin spring rolls. However, they won't ever make it into my cart again! Smell & taste were horrible. The picture on the package was great, though! I'll still try other products. Doesn't matter where you go, not everything is going to be what you expect. BTW, thanks for the Thanksgiving post!

    1. Bummer about the spring rolls.. but cool you looked around, stocked up and told the cashier about the challenge!

  3. It's my understanding that the extreme temps at which the beans undergo during the canning process pretty much precludes them from EVER remaining nice and green (Canned foods are, apparently, cooked above boiling for, AT LEAST, 20 mins but up to several hours! So, to use scientific terms, they have the bejesus cooked out of them.:) ) But, yeah, companies are CRIMINAL in their advertising; it's pretty disgusting. And quite maddening.

  4. Canned foods require a "botulinum cook" which is a 12 log reduction process, which essentially means if there were 1x10^12 C. Botulinum spores in a can of green beans, it would be reduced to one spore in the entire can. As you can imagine, this definitely affects the quality of the food being canned, but it's all for your safety.
    HOWEVER they are researching a new method of pasteurization that involves exposing the food of interest to an environment with an incredibly high pressure that makes whatever microorganisms explode. I think this is way more applicable to juices, milk, etc., than solid foods, but it will be interesting to see what developments in food safety pop up in the future. :)

  5. Ha, I've seen that commercial and thought the exact same thing! Thanks for posting this and sharing what has been on my mind.