Friday, February 07, 2014

2 Weeks on Weight Watchers: 10 lbs lost and Sugar Sensitive?

So, today was my second weigh in at Weight Watchers. (For the record, I am in no way, shape, or form, paid to endorse Weight Watchers.)

I have lost 10.2 lbs total; the bulk of it the first week. (8.6 lbs)

This week, I lost 1.6 lbs.  This week was harder.  The first week, I went to the gym 5 days and exercised an average of 45 minutes per day.  

This week, I did not go to the gym at all.  I will be going back.  I had a cold and then my mom came for a visit and my foot really hurt.  I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I exercise. 

The first week, I fell back into my "normal healthy" eating habits.  The most notable being a large, savory breakfast around 2 hours after I wake up.  When I say large, I mean large, but it's mostly veggies.  Either a HUGE salad with 1 cup beans or tofu or a huge curry with at least 4 cups of veggies and 1 cups of beans along with around 1/2 Tbsp of coconut oil.  I add a bunch of hot peppers or hot dried peppers and I feel GREAT!  It holds me for hours and gives me a ton of energy. Either that, or I make a soup out of beans, veggies, 1/2 tbsp fat and lots of hot peppers.

That is how I started most of my days last week.  Note, what you see in the pics may not represent the true portion I ate.  Usually it is MUCH larger.  I will start taking pics of the amount of food I eat. It's pretty staggering how many veggies I can pack away.

Tofu and Veggie curry 8 Points

Italian Veggie and White Bean Stew 6 Points

Vegan 'Cheesy" Cauliflower Soup 5 Points

Black Eyed Pea and Veggie Curry 6 Points

Thai Cauliflower Bisque with Tofu and Cremini Mushrooms 7 Points

All of these breakfasts gave me what I needed to make the day easy and almost effortless.

I just read a book called Potatoes Not Prozac that has really opened my eyes to my patterns with eating.  Now, I am not a huge sugar eater, but I LOVE bread, even whole wheat bread.  Good quality white bread is like CRACK to me; in fact, it is a huge reason I ballooned up to 300+ pounds TWICE in my life! 

I also have a lot of alcoholism in my family, which is a pre-curse biochemically to being sugar sensitive.  I strongly recommend this book to any of you who have trouble with your relationship with food.  It explains the SCIENCE behind things.  I've known that I have worked REALLY hard mentally on "issues" only to have things fall pear shaped (pun very much intended) fast when I stop eating the way I know makes me feel the best.

This week was a study in this.  I got cereal.  Whole grain, high fiber cereal and Greek yogurt.  I had several breakfasts: one with high fiber cereal, Greek yogurt, flax meal, and frozen, unsweetened fruit.  Calorie wise, it contained around the same amount; same with fiber and protein, yet within and hour, I felt like I wanted more and more food.

I also have never really felt satisfied with oatmeal, even steel cut or old fashioned oats.  I started to get shaky, hungry and just felt a HUGE need to eat more food all day long mentally and physically.  
I wondered if it was the wheat/grain element, so this morning, I had a great and super yummy breakfast of Greek yogurt (1 cup) 2 tbsp flax meal, stevia, cinnamon, 1/2 cup frozen cherries and 1/2 banana.  

Within and hour, my heart was racing and I felt shaky.  I felt this way over the holidays once when we were at The Boyfriend's grandparent's house and they served fruit and danish for breakfast.  

I am OK eating sweeter treats like this as a snack, or a smaller amount after a meal, but I don't think I can eat this first thing in the morning.  I guess this is why I've always been drawn to savory breakfasts... which for me, is usually leftovers.  Since I never ate eggs and obviously never ate any breakfast meat, things like this were what I would eat breakfastwise... and it never agreed with me.  Even when I was cooking in restaurants, I would not eat breakfast and rely on tastes of this or that savory food all day long instead of eating real meals. 

I'm glad to see the science behind why I feel this way.  I really encourage you to pick up a copy of Potatoes Not Prozac

This week, I have a new plan of action.  I will eat my savory breakfast.  1 cup beans and as many veggies as I want either cooked or raw, along with healthy fat: whole avocado, sesame seeds, peanut butter, coconut oil, olives, nuts, seeds. 


  1. Thank you for being so open and sharing your journey. Sounds like you are on the right track to figuring out another piece of the puzzle. Good for you. Keep it up!

  2. I think I will have to try this. I never "enjoyed" breakfast before cutting out meat /dairy and eggs- I can't say I'm a real vegan -because some days -Chocolate cake is just to much to pass up- but I do eat vegan 95 % of the time - anyway I've always been drawn to leftovers for breakfast or just eating an early lunch - now I think I will add beans and raw vegtables to my pbandj breakfasts - I notice I do a better job at work when I eat pbandj and nut mix with granola and some dried fruit. And of course a good protein drink to keep me moven all morning. This month I'm trying to cut out sugar and coffee- and switching to green tea with lemon no sugar. It's been a good week so far. thanks for your encouragement and great recipes- I started following your blog a few years ago when you mostly posted about eating vegan on $3.33 a day - It's been fun following you and your journey thanks for always being so honest and encouraging to us - when when we don't know you personally. Blessings to you today and every day. Peace Martha Schmidt

  3. Even as a child in a SAD household, I preferred leftovers for breakfast. When I tell someone I had a stirfry for breakfast, they look at me like I have 3 heads. Who determined what we should eat first thing in the morning? I could definitely eat the food you just posted and feel great for hours! Congrats on the weight loss. Thanks for being "real" with your readers. I know I appreciate it as I struggle among omni and paleo eaters.

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation - I will check it out! I'm like you in that sweet brekafasts just don't leave me satisfied until lunch.