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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 15 RAW good and bad

I am such a major blogger slacker! I only have two pics to show you... but they do pretty much encompass a lot of what I've been eating. First, above is sun dried tomato marinara with fresh basil, garlic and kalamata olives.I drizzled a bit of olive oil over the top, but made the sauce fat free. I am not limiting my fats, but since I'm eating so many nuts I think it's better to chill a bit with the oil. I think I'd rather get my fats in whole foods than oil anyway.
Big ass salad. yeah.. I eat tons of these.This one had lentil and alfalfa sprouts, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, tomato, lettuce, cukes and a greek dressing.

I made some pretty tasty cashew cheese and then dehydrated it. I'll probably photograph that soon... I'm also still working on the perfect bread and cracker recipe. I haven't been happy with anything yet. It's all OK for a few bites, but then I hate it... and yes.. I said hate as in turns my stomach hate.


Soooo.... that's the good news I guess. Now the bad.

I HATE this diet! I am over my hunger issues and my cravings don't really bother me that much... but I am just bored and even more, I feel like crap!

I have serious leg cramps that wake me up.. charley horses...
My hair is falling out...
I have several big bruises and I don't usually bruise at all..

I'm also BITCHY!
My attention span has been shortened.. it's hard for me to sit and read a book..

I'm still going to do this.. I am 1/4 the way there!

I have learned a lot and I am breaking the cycle of eating for comfort which is HUGE! (no pun intended),..
I haven't weighed myself, but several people have said they think I may be losing. I'll weigh in on Aug. 1st.

I'll probably have a handful of almonds and some dates for dinner.

I( am VERY underwhelmed by my dehydrator. So far, it seems everything I make in it tastes the same and that is nasty.

I definitely don't think you need a dehydrator in order to go raw..

Vita Mix is a HUGE plus though.

I am still drinking at least a quart of green smoothies and they save my sanity.

Now.. I am hoping I can catch up with all your blogs!