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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Raw Musings....

Ok, I have no pics to post since I have been really busy... and I rarely cook at home anymore... so I figured I'd revisit some from the past... I do have a point here as this quinoa sushi salad is something I plan to make when I do my Raw Challenge! Of course, I will sprout the quinoa and we'll see what happens.

Speaking of RAW, I've been doing sooo much experimenting at work and have a great time with it.
My experiments so far consist of:

-Beet and Carrot Flatbread that I've used for pizzas and the base of tostadas.
-Pizza with Pesto and Veggies with a Cashew Cheese Sauce
-Stuffed Peppers with a Sun Dried Tomato Enchilada Sauce, Sunflower/Broccoli Mexican Pate (based on my RAWCO filling), Cashew Lime Sour Cream and Fresh Pico
-Carrot Cake Cookies (these needed some work I felt they were too greasy to sell) with Almond Cream Cheese Frosting
-Tostadas with the above mexican fillings
-Falafel Burgers with a Cashew-Tahini Sauce
-Enchilada Bake
-Lasagna with Cashew Basil Ricotto and Sun Dried Tomatoes and Mushrooms

... and the most exciting news... Blue Moon Cafe participated in the Taste of the Nation event this past Wednesday and my marinated mushrooms with cashew basil ricotta were one of the samples we offered and they went over so well! We also sampled a Raw Borscht and a Sweet and Spicy Cacao Balls and people loved them as well. The best part of the event was that we helped raise money that will go to feed hungry children and families.

Raw Sushi Rolls... (again from the past).. but I have a feeling a lot of these will be a big staple of my upcoming diet! I am really feeling inspired about going raw! I didn't realize how much the dehydrator actually "cooks" things.... Unfortunately, with all the studying I'm doing to learn about raw recipes I can totally see how I could gain weight if I'm not careful. The nuts and seeds certainly do pack a huge caloric punch.

I got my adorable dehydrator. The 4 trays are perfect for me. I promise I will start to take pics again when I do my challenge.. and post recipes!