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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Big News and Prayers Needed Please!

Chipotle Hummus Collard Wrap

So, I actually have quite a bit of food porn and recipes to post and I will either later today or tomorrow, but I wanted to take a small break from food and talk about some things that are going on in my life!

First of all, my very best friend in the world, Rebecca is in the hospital on bedrest. She is 33 weeks pregnant and her water broke 5 days ago. She will be having her baby, Ben within the next couple of days and he will be in the NICU. Any good thoughts/prayers for her are greatly appreciated. I wish I could be out there with her NOW. She is truly my sister. I have known her my entire life. She is my heart and I love her so much. I will probably be going to to Ashland to help in May when Ben comes home from the NICU, you see, Rebecca is the mother of 4 already AND a full time nursing student who is graduating in June! She needs to finish up her clinicals and I am going to be there to take care of Ben while she does. 

Rebecca has been though so much in her life. Several years ago, she was very sick with a rare auto-immune  disorder called Bullus Pemphigoid. She was very sick and had to be on high doses of steroids. She was covered in HUGE blisters for MONTHS... and during this time she still managed to take care of her 4 children, run her house AND EXCEL IN NURSING SCHOOL!.. She is my hero and such an inspiration.. 

So, any good thought/prayers for Rebecca and Ben are greatly appreciated. I had planned on staying in Ashland on my Cross Country Road Trip for 3 weeks or so in August and then make it up to Portland to speak at Vida Vegan..  At this point, I'm up in the air about my trip..... I am still planning on doing it, but I may have to cut it way short and not go cross country....... because I have to be back in New Hampshire by Sept. 1st.... 

...... because I have decided TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! 

After much thought and soul searching, I realize that what I really want to do in life is to work with the community, schools, hospitals and public bringing healthy food to the masses! While I can do a bit of this as a Chef, the reality is that in order to get into institutions, you have to be a Registered Dietician. So... that's what I'm going to do!

It's crazy for me, at age 39, to embark on this, but I have been inspired by both my besties Rebecca AND my other bestie, Paulie who at age 35 decided she is going to be a DOCTOR! She is now in her first year of medical school! .. and of course Gena, who is also on the doctor path! 

I will be starting as a Freshman at the local community college to get all of the core courses out of the way, then will transfer to UNH where not only do they have a great Nutrition program, but also a dual major in Eco-Gastronomy!  

I am sooo excited and also scared. I'm not quite sure how I'll pull this off financially, but I hope after my first year I will be able to get some scholarships. 

So.. that's that! 

I will work part - time doing Photography and Chef Servies..  
I may need to rent a room somewhere for the next 4 years.. but I'm OK with that.

I am just so excited to have a very clear goal in mind and a vision for my future!