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Friday, April 25, 2008

Comfort foods... and freezer eating

This week has been rather stressful, so I've been relying on comforting soups to feed the body and soul. Soup is my number one comfort food, even when it's hot.. and it's been hot!

The above was a delicious two pea soup. Frozen peas compliment dried and collard greens made the dish shine. Balsamic vinegar and tomatoes finished it off. I stirred in a bit of pesto just before serving. The pesto had lemon zest, which really made an explosion of flavors.
I used Lightlife Smart Bacon along with onions to create a great base flavor for the soup. I only used cooking spray for the fat and then some broth, but I imagine if you cooked these in oil, they would become really, really delicious. I was still pleased with the depth of flavor they added to the soup without the fat! 2 strips contain 45 calories, 2 g fat and 6 g protein. Very, very smart if you ask me!
I am still loving green smoothies. Last nights was spinach, ice, frozen pineapple, flax meal, frozen banana, water, lemon juice, stevia and coconut extract. Total pina colada action, but so good for you!

Here is some Sag Paneer from the freezer. I made this a while back and it froze really well! Cook once, eat twice. It is really fabulous to come home from a stressful day and throw something in a pot and cook it up without any effort. (I don't have a microwave)
Another freezer treat! Eggplant quinoa tomato soup with soybeans... I think it was ever better after a month or so in the deep freeze! Fresh baby spinach made this a one dish meal.. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Quinoa is amazing in all soups! I just love it.
Good Morning! I am sooo spoiled!! I love living at the beach.

I will be moving June 1st back to the town my kids live in. I found a nice apartment there and even though I can't have my dog, I can have my kids... and that is more important. (I can't have my dog here either)... I will be close enough to see my dog as much as I want. I get all the fun of dog mommyhood! hehe.. It will be SOOO nice to have my kids with me again on a daily basis. These last 5 months have been such a change.... in great ways, but also VERY hard on me to be away from them on a daily basis. I will probably only have one at a time, but that's perfect.