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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In which I turn the oven on

So, yesterday I was stuck at home all day during a snowstorm. Perfect day for cooking! My lunch today was delicious, a Chipotle BBQ sauce baked tofu sandwich with roasted red peppers, smoky dijon aioli and romaine on low calorie (40 calories per slice!) italian toast. The other day, one of my friends asked me for a low calorie hummus recipe. I knew that Isa had a cauliflower hummus recipe in Veganonmnicon so I based this hummus on that idea. The recipe is quite different from hers and it turned out great. One day, I'd like to try hers too!
Quinoa black bean chili. My kids love this and will certainly enjoy it.
My 100 calorie lavash pizza. Using this as a crust, you can cut the calories by 400 calories! I made a quick sauce out of tomatoes, onions, garlic, fresh basil, mushrooms and some leftover eggplant. Topped it with FYH cheese, which is delicious with the sauce.

My pics are out of order here! I roasted butternut squash and of course had to roast the seeds as well. Yum!
Here's the Chipotle BBQ tofu, ready to be baked.
What a beautiful squash!
Oh, how roasting brings out the best in veggies!
Roasted red pepper and fennel. I'm thinking of making a roasted butternut squash, pepper and fennel barley risotto later on this week.
So, I'm sure most of you have checked out Julie's awesome sausage recipe and video! It inspired me to play around with seitan. I WILL follow her recipe to the T someday because it sounds delicious, but today I did a major clean out the fridge seitan, but used a cooking method based on her recipe. Wow.. I LOVED it! I have some in the fridge, I'm taking some to my kids and some if sliced and in the freezer right now. I used so many odds and ends in this seitan, but it really turned out well. I think this is my new favorite was to cook the seitan.

Ready for the fridge.. Combined with the baby spinach, I'll have a variety of great food this week.