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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec. Pantry Challenge: Chickpea Flatbread Banh Mi

I LOVE Tofu Banh Mi's; they might be one of my favorite things to eat ever!  Unfortunately, the crusty white bread is not a healthy thing for me to eat on a regular basis, so this morning, I decided to use my Chickpea Flatbread in it's place.

This is a wrap you can feel good about eating!

I made a batch of 5 Spice Tofu (cubed instead of in slabs), Sriracha Aioli out of my Homemade Low Fat Vegenaise Alternative, used some Pickled Jalapenos from our garden, romaine, spiralized daikon and topped it with more sriracha.  Avocado would have been great, but this was still really delicious. Super filling and full of sustainable energy.  My favorite way to start the day.

Yesterday, I made a batch of Auntie's Dahl which is in the fridge, which I will heat up for lunch and serve over sauteed cabbage.

I got The Boyfriend a stove top smoker for his birthday!  We've been having fun smoking :-)

These veggies made a GREAT base for a Smoky Yellow Split Pea Soup with Kale:

I have a HUGE backlog of recipes to post...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Awesome Vegan Tofu Banh Mi

My oh my, this just might be one of my VERY FAVORITE things, yet is is so simple to make.  You see, The Boyfriend turned me on (hahaha, I crack myself up) to Banh Mi sandwiches at an awesome local place.  Now, I can't fault anything at all about the sandwiches they make, not to mention the owner of the place is amazing.  I love to just watch him work.  He obviously LOVES what he does and takes great care and pride.  I was mesmerized watching him stir an iced coffee..  Anyway... I have wanted to create my own version since I tasted that first scrumptious bite!  

Now, you really want to find a good quality baguette.  Crusty on the outside and somewhat soft, but not too bready on the inside.  It makes all the difference.  You want a nice balance between the bread and the filling.  

So.. I used tofu.  My ridiculously simple 5 Spice Tofu.  You can use it cold or hot. 

This is more of a method than a recipe, I used a regular peeler for the carrots and daikon, chopped the raw jalapenos and cilantro and created a spicy Sriracha Aioli out of my awesome homemeade Low-Fat Vegenaise alternative. 

Sriracha Aioli (this makes way more than you'll need for one sandwich, but you'll love it so much I'm sure you'll find other uses for it!)

  • 1 6 inch baguette per sandwich
  • 5 slices 5 Spice Tofu
  • Sriracha Aioli to taste
  • Daikon, Carrot, Raw Jalapeno, Raw Onion sliced in very thin circles (to taste)
  • Avocado if desired 

I hope you make this sandwich!  I am actually going to most likely run it as a special at work.  It is super super yummy.