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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Susty's Radical Vegan Cafe Review, Wedding

Today was a busy day. First of all, my second niece was born early this morning!
Second, my best friend in New Hampshire got married and I photographed her wedding!
More on that later...

On the way back from Concord, NH, I decided to stop in at Susty's Vegan Cafe in Northwood, NH.
This has been a long time coming... as I have passed by it many times, but never when I was hungry. Today was no exception, but I decided to get dinner to go.

This was my first time in an all vegan cafe (not counting the vegan cafe I used to work at)... and how cool it was to know that every single thing on the menu was cruelty free! Not to mention that she uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

My current boss is very good friends with the owner of this cafe...

I ordered the burrito with avocado. It was 10.00... which seemed a bit pricey, but when you think that you are supporting a vegan restaurant in the boonies of NH, it is a very good deal! I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of this.... I am VERY picky... and this was good. Woohoo for tasty vegan food!
I stopped the poor waitress on her way out with her hands full to photograph these dishes... she was MORE than willing as were the recipients of the food! I take it this was the hummus plate..
.. and these look like summer rolls with peanut sauce. YUM!
I did not get a piece of cake due to weight loss efforts, but the double chocolate cake with vanilla frosting sure looks good!
Now, onto the wedding. My best friend in New Hampshire was married today to a fabulous man. I am sooo happy for them. I photographed their wedding.... and now have around 800 images to go through and edit..

Blessing to Regina and Guy!

.. and my second niece was born today... wow! What a day!